The Firm

A. & C. VARNAVAS LF 1978 is a full-service boutique Law Firm based in the heart of Athens' legal quarter, excelling in real estate & business law. Our team consists of attorneys, notaries and financial advisors, who provide our domestic and international clientele with high-quality consultancy and litigation services.

We acknowledge the fact that the advanced complexity of real estate transactions in recent years involves a varied and often highly complex set of activities in the provision of legal assistance and thus our practitioners join forces to combine expertise from other fields such as banking, structured finance and tax planning. We are also able to assist our clients with their tax problems on income or wealth (or estates), probate, trust and business law issues.

Our team is one of the leaders in this, boasting participation in some of the most significant and exciting transactions of those years and we continue to act in numerous real estate transactions advising on the acquisition, development and construction of private and business assets, such as hotels, hospitals, offices, shopping centres and entertainment venues for a number of clients.

A. & C. VARNAVAS LF 1978 has also been involved as the legal counsel of the Ministry for Development & Competitiveness, Kostis Chatzidakis, to the development and the implementation of the Greek Act: 4146/2013 which grants Non-EU citizens, real estate owners in Greece, with permanent residence permits, which are valid as far as the free movement of the persons in the Schengen Area is concerned.

Experienced for over 35 years to support prestigious companies and high-net-worth individuals, we have developed an entirely client-focused practice, fulfilling diversified objectives and expectations. Our legal team has been complemented by its clients for working ethically, effectively and diligently and has honourably been characterized as “problem solver”.


A. & C. VARNAVAS LF 1978 has developed strong international relationships with leading law firms and legal associations around the world. We invest in maintaining these partnerships to ensure that we will immediately support our clients’ cross border needs, with a trustworthy local team. Through our networks, we provide cross border services at all levels throughout the European Union, USA, Australia, Asia-Pacific and beyond.

As we are also a part of the Cypriot Omogenia, we know how difficult is to live overseas and trying to exercise control over your local property. So we can well understand the needs of Greeks living abroad. We maintain strong relationships with the Omogenia and we represent them and their families in several legal issues in Greece, as real estate and tax administration, inheritances, wills, family law issues and others. Our lasting and good cooperation with the Greek communities and the Greek Embassies in the main Countries that Omogenia lives, render us as one of the most trustworthy law firms for the overseas Greeks' legal matters.