Corporate Social Responsibility

Our firm's top priority in all aspects of our professional activity is our commitment to corporate social responsibility. This commitment translates as a devotion to global legal practice consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards; and is reflected in our strong partnerships through our satisfied associates and clients. This devotion makes us a better law firm, a better employer and a better corporate citizen.

We have developed strong corporate partnerships with social organizations and institutions, which promote the wellbeing of children and their families. It's all about living in a more caring society, and we take great pride in an active, exciting and effective program that includes community partnerships, fundraising, volunteering and donations. We support charities and we encourage our employees to be involved and volunteer in activities that support our society.

Moreover, we take the protection of the environment seriously and consider it our crucial responsibility to promote the building of a sustainable future. Our Firm has adopted environmentally friendly initiatives by organizing our supply chain, limiting our consumption of natural resources, conserving energy and recycling. We also enforce a non-printing and digital-friendly policy.