Greece reopens gates for visitors

Flights to Greece will be fully restored from 15.06.2020

According to the official announcement made yesterday 01/06/2020 by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece is restoring all international flights from the 15th of June, welcoming tourists and visitors from all around the world with the necessary safety precautions.

The whole process is divided into three (3) phases.

Travelling to Greece - Phase 1 (until 14/06)

The current phase, numbered 1, which is effective until the 14th of June, provides that non-essential travel from third countries to Greece is restricted and allows only specific international flights to land exclusively in the Athens airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. All passengers are subject testing and to a certain period of quarantine depending on the test result.

Travelling to Greece – Phase 2 (15.06 - 30.06.2020)

Phase 2, which is named “Bridge phase” and will be effective from 15.06 until 30.06, provides that international flights from all around the world will be able to land either to Athens or to Thessaloniki airports.

Domestic flights have already been liberated throughout Greece so anyone can reach their final destination whether it is a beautiful island or another prefecture of the country.

The announcement also provides guidelines regarding the health and safety protocols which will be focused on the departure airport and not on the nationality of the passengers.

This practically means that if you are travelling from an airport that is not included in the EASA affected area list (e.g. from China or Hong Kong) then you are only subject to random tests upon arrival.

Only passengers travelling from airports included in the above-mentioned list will be subject to mandatory tests and a quarantine period.

Travelling to Greece – Phase 3 (01.07.2020 - ONWARDS)

Phase 3 practically restores all international flights to all airports of Greece. All travellers will be subject to random tests upon arrival. Additional restrictions regarding certain countries might be announced at a later date depending on the future evaluation of the pandemic parameters.

Whether your visit is intended for business or pleasure, Greece is a country to welcome you all.