IMC Webinar - Updates on the Greek Golden Visa

IMC’S Initiative to keep Immigration Industry members informed

Since last April, the IMC (Investment Migration Council) has introduced a series of streaming webinars known as the “Crossing Borders programme”, hosting professionals related to the Immigration Industry for all of the community members to be keep in touch and stay informed about key issues during the challenging period of the pandemic.

On 24th of June 2020, our law firm’s Senior Partner, Alexander Varnavas and active member of the IMC, participated as the basic speaker in the webinar “Greece: Updates on Golden Visa Law” hosted by Bruno L'ecuyer IMCM, Chief Executive Officer, Investment Migration Council, Switzerland.

Alexander Varnavas reports all the updates on the Greek Golden Visa

During this discussion, Alexander Varnavas gave a retrospective of the Greek Golden Visa program, the requirements and the beneficiaries and moved on to talk about the addition of the alternative intangible investment options that nowadays the program offers to investors.

Furthermore, he explained in detail the measures that the Greek Government has taken during the COVID-19 period to facilitate the Golden Visa investors.

Lastly, he made an estimation about the future of the Immigration industry and in particular of the Greek RBI program while in-between he answered various questions from the audience related to the procedures and the new options of the Golden Visa.

You can watch the full broadcast here: IMC-Updates on Greek Golden Visa Law