New Golden Visas just received!

Investors continue receiving their Golden Visas as usual

We, at Varnavas Law Firm, are proud once more to announce the collection of seventeen (17) new residence permits of the Golden Visa program last week. Taking advantage of the newly introduced measures of the Greek Government taken to facilitate investors to receive their Golden Visas during the pandemic our law firm has overcome this period’s challenges and managed to successfully collect the final permits for seven (7) families of different nationalities.

Investors continue trusting Varnavas Law Firm for their Golden Visa plans

We are proud to have helped these families make their dream of becoming Greek residents come true effortlessly and without delays. We stay focused on our goal and continue providing services with efficiency and commitment to our clients. Life goes on, so does the Golden Visa residency-by-investment program and Varnavas Law Firm is here to prove it.