Recent Changes Implemented on The Greek Golden Visa Through Financial Products Investments

Positive new developments for foreign investors regarding the Greek Golden Visa through Financial product investments have been implemented and are in effect.

1- New Money & Transfers from Relatives

Henceforward the funds must be "new money", i.e. with a transfer that has been made from abroad from the investor's account dedicated for the purpose of investment. At the same time, it is now possible to make the transfer from a relative's account (up to the second-degree kinship), exhibiting the relevant certificates and supporting documents to the Ministry of Development. Additionally, this ( kingship degree) will also determine the payment of the respective donation tax, as in the case of an audit by the Greek Tax Authorities it will be considered that the donation took place within the Greek territory. At this point the degrees of kinship according to the Greek Law are:

First degree: parents, children, the husband, the wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law. [According to the latest tax law amendment, in force as of 01.10.2021, there is now a tax-free limit for money donations up to 800,000 EUR between first-degree family members, if they are conducted via the banking system. Any amount transferred over 800,001 EUR, as per the standard interpretation of the law, will be taxed at 10%.]
Second degree: grandparents, grandchildren, son in law, daughter in law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law (cousins) (half) brothers. [Money donation tax 20%].
Third degree: great-grandparents, great-grandparents, great-grandchildren (nieces) nieces, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. (Cannot transfer capital from relatives' accounts C 'or D' grade).

2- Two Months Transitional Period for a Change on an Investment of Financial Products

A transitional period of two (2) months is established for a change between programs, even between intangibles and real estate, i.e. it will be possible not to lose the residency status even if the investor remains without an active investment for 2 months. That is, the investor breaks the term deposit (or mutual fund) and has the opportunity with (the same capital from the term deposit) to pay for property investment, facilitating a residence permit. Likewise, an investor can break the products and have 2 months to buy shares or mutual funds.


  • This flexibility does not affect the minimum investment which remains 250,000 for real estate investments, 400,000 for term deposit and 800,000 for specific categories of financial products.
  • By law, it is not feasible to transition from real estate investments to financial products, with a grace period of two months. Further updates on this are under discussion with the competent authorities.

3- Investments in up to Three Financial Products

The possibility of investing in up to three different financial products is established. That is, one can make a term deposit of 200,000, and additionally buy mutual funds of 150,000 and shares of another 50,000 euros. Similarly, one can choose only one product e.g. mutual funds but can select up to 3 different mutual funds from different sources.

This also serves in the case of the term deposit, as an investor can choose to execute three term deposits in three different banks, e.g. 135,000 Eurobank, 135,000 Alpha Bank and 130,000 Piraeus Bank, in order to benefit from the minimum guaranteed deposit applicable by Greek legislation, the amount of 100 thousand euros per depositor per bank is guaranteed. Under the provisions of Law 4370/2016, your deposits are covered by the Hellenic Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund (ΤΕΚΕ).


Should one of the three investments be in one of the financial products that require a minimum investment of 800,000 euros, then the minimum of 800,000 euros extends to the entire investment, even if the other two options concern some of the products which require a minimum of 400,000 euros.

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