Varnavas Law Firm’s proposal for receipt of Golden Visas

Since the implementation of the Greek Golden Visa program back in 2013, Varnavas Law Firm has been constantly trying to assist the Ministry of Migration and the incumbent government, each time with proposals and suggestions to improve and simplify the provisions of the law, based on the experience during practicing the relevant law.

Recently our law firm submitted specific proposals and suggestions for the improvement of the Greek Residency-by-investment program and the facilitation of both procedures and investors.

We are pleased to announce today that our proposal to facilitate the receipt of investors' final residence permits has been listened to and incorporated into yesterday's amendment issued in the government gazette.

Specifically, Article 10, paragraph 1 of Government Gazette A96 / 12.05.2020 stipulates that the collection of issued residence permits for investors will now be concluded by presenting a certified copy of the passports of all applicants to the relevant Immigration Authority.

Until today, when the final residence permits were issued, it was required to show the original passports of the applicants in order to receive them. That made the whole process more difficult as it forced investors and their family members either to travel to Greece again to present their passports to the competent Immigration Authority or to send their passports by mail which created certain inconveniences for the investors.

It took seven years and several persistent efforts to reach this pleasant development. We are proud that our office has contributed to this significant change in processes, simplifying the way investors receive residence permits and making the Golden Visa program more flexible and attractive to investors.