Investment Immigration

Both conveyancing and immigration law services in Greece require not only qualified but also unbiased legal support. Our Firm has recently been awarded the “Investment Immigration Law Firm of the Year for Greece” by the London-based "INTL CORP Magazine Awards 2017" as a result of our excellent customer testimonials and the referrals of our satisfied international clientele.

Since our Law Firm was engaged in the development and implementation of the Greek Golden Visa Law (Law 4146/2013) as the Legal Counsel of the Greek Government, through the Minister for Development & Competitiveness Kostis Hatzidakis, we have introduced a Special Desk dedicated to the Greek Residency-by-Investment Programme, which grants Non-EU citizens, owning real estate in Greece, with permanent residence permits that also offer the privilege of free movement in the Schengen Zone (total investment > 250k Euros). We have successfully implemented One-Stop-Shop solutions, which allow the entire process to be concluded without the investor’s long-term presence in Greece.

The Special Desk for the Golden Visa Programme is managed by Alexander Varnavas and Dionysia Kokkinou who know the job very well and do not take it lightly. They are the first two practitioners from Greece who have successfully passed the due diligence process and therefore they have been admitted as pioneer members of the Investment Migration Council (IMC), the Geneva-based worldwide association of professionals dealing with residency and citizenship by investment.

We act as an independent service provider, however we also provide our local knowledge and experience to support other international firms which offer the Greek Golden Visa to their clients, as the London-based leading company

Our key areas of expertise and experience:

  • Provide assistance throughout the negotiation process
  • Concluding the real estate Due Diligence process
  • Draft any PoA, promissory sale and sale agreement
  • Ensure anonymity and confidentiality via Non-Disclosure agreements
  • Initial collection and official translation of all documents required
  • Issue a Greek Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Open a bank account in a Greek bank
  • Conclude the signing of the contracts in-house
  • Ensure secure transfer of funds
  • Handle all related taxation issues
  • Registration of the title deed at the Land Registry & the Cadastral Office
  • Act on behalf of the investor before the utility companies
  • Prepare the documentation for the application submission
  • Manage the Golden Visa process and receive the final RP
  • Act as permanent tax representative on an annual basis
  • Act as depository of all the documents regarding the property