Private Client

Providing for the last four decades coherent and proficient advice to our High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) clients and their families have determined one of the basic pillars of our practice. We do approach all of our private clients taking into consideration their particular needs and potentials in order to develop the model that applies to their requirements the most. The sectors that we mostly offer our services are the development of trusts for families and businesses with assets held all over the world often making use of trusts or foundations, residency planning and tax planning. We have developed strong partnerships all over the world in order to secure the success of all of our projects. One thing that matters for our firm is always to reach solutions that will be advantageous for the long term. We ensure that any personal matters are treated with professionalism, responsibility and confidentiality, something that the HNWI world expects and demands.

Greek and E.U. Inheritance Law

The Greek Inheritance Law is regulated by the Greek Civil Code. It is quite similar to French and German Inheritance law but is quite different from English and American inheritance law. A deceased person can decide what will become of his property by leaving a will, which can be entirely handwritten by him personally or executed before a public notary under the presence of three witnesses. The law provides also for a third kind of will, called a secret will, where the testator hands the will to the notary public, and the latter is obliged to seal and keep it until the testator’s demise.

We advise individuals with double citizenship, regarding the preparation of their wills, in order to decide according to which law the will must be prepared. This is very important since the individual can take advantage of the private international law and the latest European legislation, regarding the inheritance law and taxation.

Residence and Citizenship Planning

We deal with citizenship and residence planning. The concept of dual nationality means that a person is a national of two countries at the same time. Each country has its own nationality laws based on its own policy. Persons may have dual nationality by automatic operation of different laws or after successfully applying for an alternative, second citizenship of another country, which is only legally possible for citizens of those countries which allow dual citizenship.

Since our Law Firm was engaged in the development and the implementation of the Greek Golden Visa Law, we have established a Special Desk dedicated to the Residency-by-Investment services. Our team consists of attorneys, notaries and financial advisors, who work closely with our clients in order to provide a highly personal and bespoke service focused on their cross border needs. We ensure that any personal matters are treated with professionalism, responsibility and confidentiality.

Personal tax, trusts and probate

We draft tax-efficient wills for clients and advise on lasting powers of attorney and living wills. We advise on all types of probates, including those involving complex trusts and overseas property of capital gains, income and inheritance tax planning, as well as on commercial and property transactional tax matters.

We are highly experienced in the use and administration of trusts (both onshore and offshore) and their use in estate planning and commercial contexts. Our clients come from many different countries and backgrounds. We provide a comprehensive service centred on wealth and succession planning to people whose assets may be held personally or in trust or corporate structures in jurisdictions throughout the world.

International Tax Planning

Our International Tax Practice has partners strategically placed throughout our offices to advise clients in virtually all areas of tax law on a global basis. We advise our clients concerning a wide variety of personal and business planning matters, including matters concerning Greek and EU tax residency, wealth diversification, closely-held businesses and income tax planning in conjunction with estate and gift tax planning. Because the tax aspects of these transactions are frequently of central importance and highly complex our team's intellectual acumen and depth of experience play a major role in the Firm's success in these areas.

International Wealth Management

We provide an all-inclusive service centred on wealth and succession planning to people whose assets are held personally incorporate structures or even in trusts in different jurisdictions all over the world. We are skilled in creating sophisticated tax-efficient arrangements for the ownership of family and business assets, which may involve the creation of trusts, groups of companies, partnerships, foundations, depending on the particular needs of our clients. We advise on the administration and governance of these structures, working closely with them in order to secure all of their interests. We also ensure that the transition of wealth from generation to generation is focused on the protection of family wealth for the long term. We also represent our clients in cases with international tax and cash repatriation issues, corporate governance matters, international audits and governmental investigations, international fraud and employment issues, antitrust issues, and a host of other complex multijurisdictional matters.

Land Development and Estates

So whether it is the sale and purchase of high-end residential property, the development, management and funding of commercial land and buildings, construction, planning, leasehold enfranchisement or more esoteric concerns, such as those relating to settled land and manorial interests, we have the necessary specialists to hand.

Our well-established practice has been a prominent player in the property industry for many hundreds of years and we continue to be engaged in the latest developments in the market. We sit on advisory boards, speak at industry events and contribute to specialist publications, as well as providing bespoke seminars and newsletters to our existing clients.

Art and Cultural Property

Our in-depth knowledge of the taxation of heritage property and negotiated sales to national institutions, we have particular expertise in cross-border art and heritage law, in relation to both local and international individuals and trustees as well as overseas charitable foundations. Our team of experts advises art collectors, private auction houses, museums, boutique galleries, charitable entities and art market professionals on all legal provisions and regulatory aspects of fine art, antiques and heritage property legislation.

Privately Held Businesses

We advise on all aspects of governance, succession and tax planning, working closely with the family and your other strategic advisers, including planning and forming new businesses; structuring relationships among owners and management; advising and assisting management on day-to-day operational and business matters; planning and coordinating reorganizations, restructurings, and recapitalizations; advising on executive compensation plans and arrangements; advising on management and shareholder legal issues; tax, estate, and gift planning; and other shareholder matters, including stock restriction agreements and buy/sell agreements.