2020 Tax for Property Owners in Greece (ENFIA)

2020 Annual Property Tax (ENFIA) payment notifications are on the way

According to the Ministry of Finance, this year’s notifications for the payment of the Annual Property tax will be available to all property owners through their personal online Tax Platform (TAXISnet) on Friday the 25th of September.

What is ENFIA?

As specified by the Greek Law 4223/2013, anyone, that has full property rights or bare ownership or usufruct property in Greece, is liable to pay a yearly special property tax. This Unified Real Estate Ownership Tax, also known as ENFIA has been imposed by the Greek Government on properties such as houses, apartments and even land since 2014.

All property owners in Greece, including the ones that have invested in real estate to acquire the Golden Visa are subject to the above tax every year for the properties they possess.

Are there any exemptions to the ENFIA tax?

Just a few days ago an amendment of the above law provides for the exemption from the ENFIA tax for property owners in the small islands of the Greek border areas. Those are Ikaria, Lemnos, Samos, Chios, Kalymnos, Karpathos, Rhodes, Kos, Gavdos and a few small islands in the Municipality of Corfu. The exemption is provided to natural persons, tax residents of Greece, whose main residence as shown in their annual tax declaration is located in one of the above places.

How is the ENFIA tax determined?

The ENFIA Tax is calculated based on the location, the price zone, the surface, the floor, year of built and other similar factors that concern the property.