EU Proposes to Partially Suspend Visa Waiver Deal with Vanuatu

On January the 12th, the EU Commission proposed a partial suspension of an agreement with the Republic of Vanuatu, which allows Vanuatu citizens via investment to visit the EU without a visa for up to 90 days in each 180-day period. It was stated that this is required to offset the risks posed to the EU and its Member States by Vanuatu's investor citizenship programs.

Furthermore, it was stated that the commission is monitoring nations with visa-free access to the EU that were running or planning to run investor-citizenship programs, such as the Caribbean and Pacific islands, as well as eastern European states Montenegro, Albania, and Moldova. Foremost, it is indicated, that Non-European investor programs that allow entrance to the EU or EU visa waiver agreements can be suspended on grounds of security or public policy concerns.

It is essential to mention that the EU also keeps a close eye on European investment programs. With the exception of programs set up by Cyprus and Malta, most EU states have their own schemes offering permanent residency to foreign investors, which the Commission considers to be in compliance with EU laws.

Access to living and travelling to Europe is safest through European governmental programs such as the Greek Golden Visa (residency through investment).

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