Varnavas Law Firm Proposing Amendments on The Golden Visa Law  

Varnavas Law Firm, in a meeting with the Ministry of Migration, proposed a draft of amendments to the Greek Golden Visa law (Law 4146/2013).

The meeting took place between the Minister of Migration Notis Mitarachi and our Managing Partner Alexander Varnavas ( Attorney at Law, and member of the Advisory Committee at the Investment Migration Council IMC) on the 2nd of April 2021.

Previous Varnavas Proposals Implemented on the Greek Golden Visa Law

As a leading firm in the Greek Golden Visa field, Varnavas Law Firm has previously partaken in the following measure that boosted the efficiency of the Residency through investment program:

  1. The remote application of the Greek Golden Visa.

  2. The regulation of issuing certified passport copies in Greek embassies or through Greek Lawyers, replacing an older protocol requiring the physical passports of the investors.

  3. The opening of a central location for Golden visa processing and issuance.

New Proposed Changes on the Golden Visa Law

In the stated meeting, Varnavas Law Firm has drafted a proposal for the following:

  1. Granting full market access to Golden Visa holders.

  2. Applying for citizenship with the Greek Golden Visa minimum stay requirement, similar to the provision applied by the Portuguese Golden Visa.

  3. Including first to second-degree family members, with no age limit, who suffer from mental or physical challenges, and are dependent on the investor.

  4. Raising the age limit on adult children up to the age of 24, and granting extension up to the age of 27 upon the proof of dependence.

  5. To introduce a four-generation module, including the grandchildren or the grandparents of the Golden Visa holder, as his family members.

  6. Facilitating the collection of biometrical data through structured and technically progressed stations in Greek embassies around the world dedicated to Golden visa applicants.

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