Honorary Greek Citizenship was granted to Victoria Hislop

Photo provided by the Greek Prime Minister's Office

Following the actor Tom Hanks and his wife, actress and producer Rita Wilson, who received the honorary Greek citizenship last year, another prominent figure in the literary field, received this honorary distinction a few days ago. The British writer Victoria Hislop was officially granted the honorary Greek citizenship directly from the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, last Thursday.

The concept of Honorary Greek Citizenship

In particular, the "honorary" granting of citizenship is the highest value that a state reserves for a certain individual, due to the provision of exceptional services or the contribution of that individual to the national interest in general.

This is a peculiar (sui generis) naturalization, because it is not completely covered by the basic concept of naturalization, while at the same time not all those conditions of regular naturalization are required.

Victoria Hislop’s contribution to the promotion of Greece and its culture.

Victoria Hislop has brought Greece to the fore quite a few times and has promoted Greek culture and history through her books' action which regularly takes place in various parts of Greece. From 2005 with the well-known book "The Island" to the recent one “Those who are loved” Hislop praises the beauties of Greece and its islands through her stories.

After all, she owns a summer house on the beautiful island of Crete herself and has previously stated to be “a Greek at heart”. As of now she is also a Greek in papers too.

It is our honor as Greeks to have such important personalities granted the Greek Citizenship.